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Am-Tel Communications is a small , though assertive, telecommunications company. In a day and age when most "mom and pop" businesses will try to circumvent this information for fear of not being taken too seriously, we simply revel in the fact that  by being small we can fully reach, understand and interact with our customers. In short, we value QUALITY versus QUANTITY. 

We've hit the ground running in July, 2002 and our business philosophy is quite simple: combining great knowledge and very competitive rates with  a highly personal relationship with our customers.                                                                                            

This is our very (not-so-)secret that  carried us through  the last 14 wonderful years of  co-operation with all customers, vendors and contractors.

We are first and foremost grateful to our customers, who's loyalty has taught us that this philosophy is working quite well.  

And to our prospective customers, all we can say is this: just give us a shot and you'll be refreshingly surprised! 

   Thank you everyone!